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When I wanted to have a virtual store and I started to find out through google about the best options I found a lot of literature in English about the wonders of the shopify dropshipping system. This convinced me to use this platform and currently I have two stores dedicated to selling shoes for Colombia.

It's been 4 months since I opened the first one and I've made 5 sales and I'm making a big effort not to give up so fast and hold on a bit more.

However, something that nowhere noticed by shopify managers or any of those who promote it is the delay in deliveries from AliExpress. And this has been my main problem because other stores in Colombia deliver their products in only 3-5 days (including Amazon from USA). In this time of immediacy where everyone wants to have their things in a very short time, convince customers to place your order with a delivery time of more than 30 days is very, very difficult.

I have already written 4 post about this topic in this forum and nobody has answered about what to do to lighten this delivery time.

Nor has anyone told me that they have had experience in other countries such as USA, Mexico, Spain, United Kindom and other about the time it takes an order for them.

It seems that this is a taboo subject for those in charge of managing the platform because if people find out their business would fall apart.

I am going to wait a reasonable time to see the results of this concern, but I am sure that if my business fails it is precisely because of this serious inconvenience and if that happens, I will be responsible for disclosing in all possible ways about what nobody says about times greater than 30 days in the delivery of products, time that nobody is willing to wait.

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Hey, German!

Aria here, one of the Social Care gurus at Shopify.

I understand your frustration with the shipping times from China. Things improved with the introduction of ePacket but it's not available to all countries. Personally, I wouldn't go that route for my own store. It used to be the main option for dropshipping but there are more and more businesses who have started to ship from the USA and Europe. I'd recommend you take a look at these options in our app store: 

There are more appearing on a regular basis. Apps like Oberlo, Spocket and Modalyst improve as more sellers join their marketplace, creating more options. 

Does this help? I hope you find a product and supplier you're happier with. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.

Social Care Guru

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi German,

If not use express like DHL,no parcels could arrive in 3-5 days from China to Colombia.

Of course you could find some suppliers who could help you to ship from USA,but you know that will also increase your cost.The delivery time and the shipping cost are inversely proportional.

I don't know what you are selling,another possible way is you can sell something heavy which over 2kg,those parcels have to be sent by express.

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Hi All,

This is why we at Syncee always recommend working with local suppliers. It just doesn't worth for retailers to work with Aliexpress "suppliers". We introduced the remote warehousing model ,which is a better alternative to drop shipping if you want to control your orders. https://www.syncee.io/2018/04/05/new-way-drop-shipping-remote-warehousing/

We also have a supplier exchange, where we offer 70+ suppliers from all around the world, whose products merchants can import to their stores. https://apps.shopify.com/syncee-1