What to sell with lots of medical content?

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We currently have access to lots of candidates of medical doctors who can write original content for us for very reasonable fees. We can now approach lots of very specialized areas of medical resources and information, in the way similar with https://www.webmd.com/ or https://www.medicinenet.com/ or doctor blogs.


My question is how can we use this on Shopify so we can build a profitable store? What can we sell with this kind of content?


As far as I've researched, there doesn't seem many alternatives as in the medical market, practice doctors and hospitals have the say on what the patients should buy for treatment.


After going through Amazon for medical stuff, I can only find trivial items like books, first aid kits, and chair toilets, which are basically not worthy of professional medical content.


Ain't there nothing we can profit from with medical content?


Would love to hear some useful advice here. Thank you all!

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Tell me, when will you start your medical practice? I heard about this company, some workers say that they pay a good salary for using their services, and also provide the latest equipment for your work. Mostly and simply enough for cooperation. This one is a proven billing company Park medical billing. More information here.


Hello @Yang_Yang 


We recommend you to sell Health Care Products from Aliexpress to your shopify store 

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