What wholesaler and dropshipper directories really offer?

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I'm searching at least one or two dropshippers for my brand new e-commerce website. This research is taking lot of time because a) I'm not finding companies in my niche 2) I'm only finding directories proposing subscribtion services.

It's quite strange that all good dropshipping companies have been inserted only in some fee directories and that it is so difficult to find the some of them in other ways. A company would only needs  to communicate to the world that is giving such service (on its website and social profiles) and not exclusively using a directory to say to all that they are able to.

Following this thought, I have some suspects in believing that only directories are able to give us the best selection of dropshippers. And that I need only to pay to know them. This is an information era, it is difficult that only few web services know the truth.

For this reason, I have not already bought such subscription services.

I would like to share with somebody else had such or different experiences in this fiels.

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