Who wants to team up?

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So, I'm a shopify partner that's interested in the "make money from $0.0" theory. And although it works, I want to experiment on it myself. I created a dropshipping store in march to test this theory and so far I haven't made ANY sales but have a ton of abandoned carts. This is for the sole reason that I am unable to get a payment processor and most people either don't know able PayPal or don't use it. Loss, loss and more loss. So I thought I'd find out if ANYONE wanted to team up on a store (that we would keep up for just a month or two). The major space I need to be filled are payment processing and social media (plus I'm open to discuss division) . Whatever we make will be split in half, hence, as I said, TEAM UP. Looking forward and waiting anxiously to hear from you. Thank you.
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Email me ivmonreg@gmail.com