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I currently own and run a wholesale business in Canada, selling imported beauty products. I would like to open a eCommerce for this business.

The issue i am having, is that do not want to steal my clients customers by selling them our products online. On the other hand, i would like to acquire new customers in places I do not have any clients.

So, the idea would be that my retail sales on my eCommerce site would have to pass through my current clients, if they are available in a certain region. If i do not have any clients in that specific region, i would make the sell myself.

I would also like to sell wholesale to my clients in a b2b manner, that regular clients could not have access to without a password or what not.

I know, my business plan seems flawed right now. That is why i am asking for help. I would like to know if any of you guys would have any advice on how to make this eCommerce work for my specific type of business.

Thank you for your time!

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I suggest that you contact Resistor Software (shopify expert). I think the company has an app that might be adaptable to your needs. In a way, you want to pay a commission on sales based on shipping destination?

You could do the wholesale biz using 2 shopify stores and Stitch Labs to sync inventory. The second store would require a login to use and you'd only make accounts for your resellers. Or you could do in one store with Bold Apps Customer Pricing and Lockdown to have reseller-only pages.


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Hi Rene,

One of the main reasons Stitch was created was to help customers like you, grow their business by simplifying managing multiple channels, including those that are both offline and online.

With Stitch, you can streamline your wholesale (offline) sales with your new online sales. Stitch syncs automatically with Shopify, so all of your orders will automatically get pulled into Stitch. That way, when customers are placing wholesale orders, you accurately know exactly how much inventory you have available. You'll also be able to add your wholesale orders into Stitch so that information is fed back to Shopify and you can manage all of your orders in one place.

We offer an extended free trial for Shopify users. You can get started here for free or learn more about Stitch in our Shopify app store listing here.

- Bridge

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