Wholesale orders for our Spring '16 product is NOW (National Picnic, sewn-in-the-USA women's clothing)

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National Picnic is actively taking orders for Spring 2016 collection, available February 2016. The brand is five years old and product is sewn to order.

Do you sell sewn-in-the-USA brands of women's dresses and separates? National Picnic has a growing boutique following based on small business friendly minimums and "indie-producer" appeal. Our common customer is a 26-46 year old woman, college educated, and is attracted to lifestyle concepts like casual/outdoorsy style, shopping locally, sustainability, and likes to buy "artisanal" or "small-batch" product.

Please email your interest to info@nationalpicnic.com. Include: the name of your shop, a brick and mortar location if there is one, and your shop URL. Someone on our staff will verify your shop is appropriate before replying. Sorry, we don't do "terms". (Specify your ship date, payment required when your order is ready to send.)


Betsy Cook, Designer/Manufacturer, National Picnic