Working With CSV Data Feeds

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I would like to start using data feeds from drop-shippers but I have a few questions about doing it manually. The initial upload is easy. And I also use a bulk editing app to update all the prices. But subsequent uploads have me puzzled. And considering that drop-shippers publish new data feed csv files on a daily basis, I just need a guide on how to handle it.

  • How do I know if an item has been removed from inventory?
  • How do I detect price increases/decreases? 
  • Is it best to update prices in the csv before uploading each time?

These are my main three questions. But when you're dealing with 4000+ products in a single file, these questions are huge. I do notice that the Shopify import process allows me to skip products with the same handle but that does me no good when it comes to updating inventory and prices. So it seems to me that I have to check each and every product during the upload process to detect any changes.

Is there a comprehensive guide I can read on how to handle daily data feeds?




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Hey, Joe!

Try the app - with it you can import and update your existing products.

It will solve all your concerns about importing from dropshippers or updating your inventory.

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