Would our products be suitable for Drop-Shipping and what price would you expect to pay for them?

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I own a printing company who speacilise in printing high-quality branded apparel and to co-inside with this business, I have launched my own T-Shirt website selling pre-designed shirts.

We are selling the shirts at £9.99 each with Free Delivery to the UK which i think is very resonable!

Our website is www.ShirtMonkey.co.uk

Do you think our products would be suitable to offer for drop-shipping and if so what price, as a drop-shipper, would you expect to pay for a T-Shirt and delivery to your customer.

The product range is small at the moment, but growing every day and the shirts are very good quality. Our DTG printers are capable of printing at 1200 dpi and cost in excess of £20,000 so this is not a bedroom printed product like many others out there, this is high-street quality product.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Many thanks,


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Hi there Nic,

I have not seen the shirt myself, but that sounds like a fair deal. There is currently a similar app on our platform called Merchify, check out their prices: https://www.merchify.com/plans

As you can see they package shipping separately, so this is perhaps something to consider testing in your market (do a few weeks with free shipping, do a few with the price absorbed into the shirt and note the sales difference) For me the most important part of a good t-shirt is the quality of the printing so this is definitely an angle worth advertising.