Zero Up - Anyone used it?

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Evening all,

I've seen that there was a previous post on this topic some time ago but I was not convinced that the main response hadn't come from someone with a vested interest...

Anyhow, just curious if anyone has any experience with Zero Up, currently being promoted by Fred Lam by way of Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad brand. 

In short, it claims to be a drag and drop set-up template for Shopify. I'm just wondering if it's selling purely the convenience of having everything done beforehand. Any input greatly appreciated. 

Main selling points (as listed on their website) as follows:


Cloud-Based Software – No Download Or Installation Necessary

Integrated With AliExpress – Access Millions Of Its Products PLUS Automatically Fulfilling and Tracking Product Orders
Fully Integrated With Shopify – Includes 10 Pre-Designed Themes & 180 Pre-Built Stores Suitable For Any Niche
Start Within 5 Minutes – Just follow our 1, 2, 3 process and start generating leads from the multi-billion giant.
One-Click Profit Multiplier – Boost Your Average Value Per Sale
Synchronized With Over 11 Email Autoresponders – Plus List Segmentation Feature To Promote Relevant Offers
Landing Page & Funnel Builder – Drag & Drop To Craft Your Own Strategy Sales Funnel


Thanks in advance. 

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Zero Up is definitely a solid app.  Keep in mind though, Fred is not just selling the app itself, it's a bunch of training and other cool things too.  I've had nothing but good results with Fred's training and the app.

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Hi Ninjuno, 

We’re also looking for more suppliers to hopefully double the 5000+ electroncis accessories we currently offer on our website,  

Zero Up looks interesting...will need to check i tout.  We've explored AliExpress a bit as a supplier, but we've found it's a bit clunky and the products are basically all no name, no brand a bit tricky to sell.  

Have you tried to see if they have good deals in their directory?  They're supposed to have a full directory of 8000 wholesale/dropship suppliers of all kinds including women's apparel and 25 million products. 

We're thinking about giving them a try but want to get as much info as possible before trying.  Even though they offer a 60 day money back guarantee, we're just being thorough. Please let me know if you have luck with them.  Good luck and thanks,


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