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hi my dears, Let me today to tell you about amazing site ANKAKA it is one of the Best site I ever used . By using this site anybody can buy android phone,tablet,cell phone,memory card,mp3 or mp4 player any many other thing. Why ankaka?! -The products will be sent "blind". That means Ankaka's name, address and contact details are not visible to your customer. Your customers cannot find out your wholesale dropship source. -In the Ankaka warehouse, we have specialized procedures to ensure no mention of Ankaka is made on the packaging or invoice. In addition, we will not include any Ankaka promotional materials on or in the packages and none of the products contain the Ankaka logo or brandname on the product, packaging or accessories. - Your repeat customers will remain loyal to you - they don't need to know that Ankaka is your secret wholesale dropship supplier. Tips Ankaka allows dropship orders for all registered customers. There are no additional charges. Just order online in the same way as usual, but add a new shipping address during the checkout process. -You can have as many shipping addresses as you like listed on your Ankaka account.‎