app creation allowing others to add products to their stores

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I am trying to find either a template app or similar, that will allow me to create a Shopify app for store owners to add products from particular suppliers to their store.

By using the app, the supplier could allow anyone to add their products to their Shopify store and then have the transaction occur automatically, with the supplier handling all of the prodcution and fulfilment.

The idea is to be able to provide this to the supplier and advertise the products to Shopify store owners and thosse who would like to be in the market and open a Shopify store for their audience/customer group.

The idea is to have something that can be worked with, other than just handing the product to a developer.

Does it exist?

If not, what is the most efficient method (by money and/or time) to create this?

Thanks for any help on this.

It is much appreciated