converting drop shipper's product list to shopify and managing the products

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Hello all, i am new to drop shipping and selling online.  I have found a great drop shipper and joined their program, and now i'm trying to figure out how to add products easily.  

The drop shippers give me access to a xls and csv file of all the products (over 10,000) and i want to select maybe 100 to 1000 products to add to my site.  

It seems to time consuming to add them one by one.  Is there a good tool or program that will convert my drop shipper's xls file to shopify site?  do i have to pay someone to convert this?

How would i update the store or add new products?  This seems all so confusing to me. 

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Hi there!

Congratulations on finding your perfect dropshipper! Seeing that this dropshipper gives you access to their product files in .csv format, you will be able to import all the products into Shopify via a CSV upload. This will save a lot of time for you and also avoids having to upload products individually.

We have a guide on how to do a Product CSV upload here. When uploading a file from a dropshipper, it is also important to adjust the columns of your CSV file according Shopify’s requirements and you can learn how to do this in our help center.

Your workflow would be something like this:

  • Open the Product file from your Supplier in the .csv format and delete the products you don’t need.

  • Save this new shorter file.

  • Check that the columns of your CSV file are in the correct Shopify format. If not, you can edit them according to our guide.

  • Import your CSV file to your Shopify admin.

  • In case you should get any error messages, we have solutions to common import problems here.

Happy sales!

Kerstin | Shopify Guru