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Hi there

I don't that is it the correct board or not but I think it could be!

anyway, it's a long time that I'm researching on starting a new online store for just selling downloadable products like ebooks,musics,videos,applications,softwares and so on.

For starting an online store to sell physical products it is completely clear that where do we have to go and buy what we want to sell or we can use drop shippers services but for digital products what do we hav to do?

Also which extra apps do I have to think about and maybe buy?

Hey guys, thanks a lot for your time at the very first point!

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hi guys any response on this question. I am wondering about the same.

Can I sell, Intangible products with my Shopify online store. I dont see any options in the Admin area to address this problem.


One more thing, can I create a store, which can sell products or actually display products from other sites. The idea is to have a special store which has selected items, from other websites. So when a sale is made from this (shopify) store the store makes some cents and passes out the actual cost to the vendor store.


Any help or ideas highly appriciated