drop shipping from banggood and fashion wholesalers

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i want to ask if any one has experience with drop shipping using banggood i would like to know your opinion?

i am planing to start drop shipping from banggood ...

aliexpress has long time for shipping but banggood has less time

and any idea about other clothing and fashion drop shipping suppliers and wholesalers?

thank you

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Check this post: The difference between Aliexpress, Banggood, Alibaba, Chinabrands?

Hope it can help. And this wholesale dropshipping site - Chinabrands.com which can cut down the processing time within 24 hrs for your reference.

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Hi, it seems that you want to do the same things. I think that Amazon will be a good choice.

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Banggood is one of the 40+ sources that Importify supports. It is one of the largest Chinese stores after Aliexpress and it has superb customer service. We have already processed several successful orders from Banggood.


Some things to consider:

  1. Before you place your order, make sure (maybe you can drop them an e-mail) that the product you want to order is in stock and ready to be shipped. Otherwise, you may face a delay in your order until your item becomes available. Or you can take note of alternative suppliers, so you can override and change suppliers if the product is out of stock. This is what many people don't consider and they get pissed of when they face long delays in the shipping, thinking they have been ripped off.
  2. Keep in mind that depending on your country, you may be requested to pay some additional import taxes to get a customs clearance. The regulations about import taxes differ among the countries. However, looking at our statistics, this is a rare case.


Here's a video showing how easy it is to dropship from Banggood using Importify.



I hope this helps



Hi @most 


Banggood also a Chinese company like Aliexpress. So we guess the shipping time same as Aliexpress. 

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