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I think i wasted my money and got an amazon account.  I thought I could dropship via aliexpress using shoppify.

I am a dropshipper and do not have a brand.

Does anyone know the real story. 

Can I dropship via shoppify on amazon?

I don't want to spend a fortune buying codes. 


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If you got this question's answer please let me know.

I have online store from Shoify with Oberlo but I am able to sell at Ebay I still not understaned how amazon works. Let's say I list product and sold who will send product to buyer, dropshipper has product or their suppliers, they menage shipping, but amazon handling shipping to buyer. If you have your own product and keep it with you I think is not easier understand. 

Any help.


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I have the exact same question, can I dropship on Amazon using my shopify store, which imports products from Aliexpress?  What is extremely frustrating is that I keep hearing the great news that now you can use your Shopify store to dropship on Amazon, but then go to Amazon and find out that they do not allow third party sales or dropshipping.  Some videos say it is OK whle other videos say you will be suspended from Amazon.  Please let me know if you ever find the answer from Shopify.  


Hi @dalia_chako 

Got answer to your question?  We too waiting. 

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