feedback needed. Driving traffic, but no sales.

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Hello Shopify community,

We started this site 2 weeks ago. Main marketing source for the moment is Facebook. We tried various targeting possibilities and this week, we started getting quite a lot of attention. People seem to like our products and targeted groups started engaging, we started getting organic clicks, shares and so on. Our post reach is near 17thousand? Is that even a number which is important for us? 

Problem is people are coming to our website, but they leave, we havent made any sales yet. As far as I understand from Facebook engagment people like some of our products, but the problem might be with our website, maybe it is to complicated, maybe we are missing some key points which are crutual. Can you guys give us feedback about our website? Please comment, share your personal exsperience and give us advice how to make our first sale. 

Thank you very much in advance for sharing with us. is our website