how will i know customer has really received the item?

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how would i come to know if my customer has really received something? i get notification on ali express that item has reached to destination, but how would i know if customer has really received and they are satisfied with the item. as on ali express i get notification i have to confirm on ali express that customer has received their item only then supplier will get payment. i am really confused about it. Please help.


Arjun Kalsi

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Hi Arjun,

Maggie here, Shopify Guru. :)

Thanks for the question! I think there might be a bit of confusion here, so allow me to clarify: According to the Oberlo process, you must pay the supplier on AliExpress before the product has been confirmed to have been delivered. Payment won't be pending delivery.

Regarding confirmation of delivery, you would need to take the tracking code and paste it at a website like 17track right here to confirm delivery:

We also recommend you follow this Oberlo guide so that the customer is able to track their order from the shipping confirmation notification they receive: Making Sure My Customer Receives a Shipping Confirmation Email with the Tracking Code

I hope this helps to clarify! You can contact support 24/7 if you have any more questions.

Maggie M | Shopify

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At first I also had such problem as you. I found this site, their consultant can help you. Now I am working with them and satisfied. Shipment is always released from China to US.