"Rest of World" Shipping is not charging shipping on international orders

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I am based in Australia and offer free shipping anywhere in Australia. For the "Rest of the World" I have set up International Shipping for 0.00kgs-1000.00kgs to charge $20.00 for shipping.

I just ran a sale and received almost 200 orders over the past 48 hours and I just noticed no shipping charge has been applied to any order outside of Australia. 

Did I miss a step? Please help

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there Ryan!

I went through your checkout with an awesome five panel hat in the cart! The international shipping rate of $20 came through with no problems at all! Take a look at this screenshot: http://glui.me/?i=74lrigbm59t60fy/2013-12-12_at_11.10_PM.png/ 

When you set up shipping rates based on weight, always remember to go back to your products and add their weight or else it won't work! Oh and, checking off the "require shipping" address check out when you're editing variants in the product page!! It might sound silly but I have definitely forgot to go back and edit my products weights, always the little things right? Haha!

If you start adding more products, Updater is a great application to help adjust product weights...in bulk! Great job though, everything looks good!!

Liz Bertorelli :: Shopify Guru