"Sold Out" w/ CB (Chinabrands) and Loc/Ship/Inv settings

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So after having imported a ton of products to my store backend via the CB app, I've had at least a large number of those products show "Sold Out" in my online store.  Here's what I observe from changing location / shipping / inventory settings.  I'm quite sure the settings for each Chinabrands product has to be set to:

Active Locations:  Chinabrands (I created one for it)

Shipping Origin:  Chinabrands (the created one, because there wasn't one after installing the app)
Fulfill Online Orders from:  Chinabrands

Since I'm dropshipping, and taxes and shipping need to be calculated at checkout according to my address, this doesn't work.  Why is the problem occurring?  Is there a fix?  Oberlo and Spocket don't appear to cause that inventory redirecting problem.

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Hey @spiffystack! Gabby here from Spocket. Given your case, why not try out either Spocket or Oberlo? To ease yourself of the hassle of the issue you're currently facing. Let me know if you have questions about Spocket and I'd be glad to answer them in the context of your concern as well as general information about the platform. 


Hello @spiffystack 


The products out of stock in chinabrands also? 

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