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Hi Guys/Gals,


We are using mother ship to connect to our drop ship partner and we are using shipstation for our in house products. 


The issue:


When an order is placed, it is sending the complete order (dropship + inhouse products) to shipstation. I really need a way to not push drop ship products to our shipstation account. 

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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders https://apps.shopify.com/simple-po can help you out.

Simple PO allows you to route orders to suppliers automatically and can handle split orders with ease

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask

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Hi Ibozeman, 


The native Shipstation integration pulls all the orders that are placed on your Shopify store- it doesn't have any native order routing capability.


A way to better manage this for your use case would be to put a more robust integration platform into place, that can be configured to split out your inhouse orders and Dropship orders, and then send them to the appropriate target applications. With this setup, your in-house orders will be sent to Shipstation and dropship products are sent to your suppliers. We can also set up a split-shipment fulfillment integration, that'll update the order with multiple tracking details, and trigger multiple tracking emails for each shipment that belongs to that single order. 


Check out our integration platform at www.vlomni.com. We'd be able to resolve this issue, and have already built this exact use case in the past. Also, feel free to email me at tlapenskie@virtuallogistics.ca. 



Torrey Lapenskie





Hi Ibozeman, it looks like the problem you are facing is a familiar one to us. We have a bunch of customers just like you who want to route some orders in house, but wish to automatically send other orders to a partner for distribution. 


We built shipatron.io to be a simple system for creating such automations. We support processing new orders, processing fulfilment, partial fulfilment, and refunds. And we keep a close eye on our costs so that you can benefit from our automation technology without the costs of a big e-commerce solution.


The link below shows how to connect multiple warehouse (drop ship or 3PL) partners: