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  I hired a programmer on upwork to create a password protected wholesale portal on my shopify store.  He was unable to complete the process and my website is now showing wholesale prices to my retail customers.  I would like to remove this ASAP.  I would also like to set up wholesale interrogation that is password protected.  I am doing my first large Trade show in Vegas and New York in a week and need to get this squared away before then.  I will be handing out post cards with the URL http://www.fielddayapparel.com/pages/wholesale
I would need the shopping to be based off of weight for wholesale customers and for taxes to not be charged.  After entering password customer would see wholesale (50% off) and Retail prices.  Sale items would be 30% off retail price.  He mostly has it set up but there are some glitches.  
Can you help me?  
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Hey Trinity,

This post seems like you're asking for paid help? If that's the case I can move this post to the Job Board. Forum members generally don't pitch on work outside of that forum category.

If you're just looking for advice, I'll move it to the design section instead so you get more eyes on the questions.

Lead me know either way.

You're able to set a customer as being tax free without any development work:

I jump on these forums to help and share some insights. Not looking to be hired, and not looking for work.

Don't hand out staff invites or give admin password to forum members unless absolutely needed. In most cases the help you need can be handled without that.

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