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Hi everyone;


I am a women apparel supplier from China. Is there anyone doing apparel business? If so, contact me via tony.wu@riant-industrial.com

We can offer you good quality apparel in good price

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Hey coosyd02,

Check out www.100dollarlots.com, micro lots but the per unit price for these lots is equivalent to buying a truckload. The suppliers are located in the US, so no worrying about if you should purchase from alibaba or dhgate, always a little worriesome. 

We currently supply wholesale jewelry, clothing, iphone accessories, general merchandise, handbags,etc but we are looking to expand and get merchandise the buyer base is looking for. A few distribution centers, majority in California, so shipping speed depends on where you are located or your buyer. Typically 1 to 3 business days. 

Also anyone can sell their $100 whosale lots on our site, very easy to get you setup.



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