6 Month Old Ticket to Tax Team

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About 6 months ago, around June, I contacted Shopify regarding an incorrect EIN on my 1099 form that I downloaded from the back end of my admin panel. It has been 6 months now. I have followed up consistently on a monthly basis (recently closer to bi-weekly), but they still have not gotten back to me. They always say the same thing, "The team has your ticket, please keep an eye on your email, we do not have an ETA or expected timeframe", etc. I would be fine for 1-2 months. I understand there are times when processes are slower. But this is just crazy. 6 WHOLE MONTHS. It's not just me either. I have looked around on the forums and on some other sites and noticed people with the exact problem, some who have even been waiting longer. It is nearing December and the yearly reports will once again be going out soon. We need this fixed ASAP. Is there ANY way we could expedite this process?

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