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A few questions about Shopify

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I have a few questions about selling on Shopify. I want to set up a store and sell products from

1. I was able to determine that Shopify will issue an invoice but with the seller's details that is mine. It is legal for a foreign company to issue invoices on my behalf ?

2. Another question concerns these invoices whether they are actually invoices for accounting purposes. Do you call it an invoice state and is it more a confirmation of purchase ?

3. What is the situation with the send of data? Whether the seller has the right to send data to my customer. How can I get the right to not be guilty of data distribution then ?

4. What is the situation with product complaints ? Who receives the product during the complaint ? Who makes the product wicked? Who decides about the complaint? Most importantly, who pays for complaints ?

At this moment. I do not have more questions.

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