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Hello Shopify Community!

We provide bookkeeping & accounting services to customers online - check us out Open Accounts (

For our Shopify customers, we have a software integration that sends all orders to the accounting software (which is included in all our packages) & we use the automation / matching feature within the software to connect those orders to their bank transactions.
However, their bank transactions have their payment gateway fees deducted!?
So we have to create an automatic transfer from a contra account (or balancing account) for those transactions with the payment gateway deduction included (which we're happy to do since its automated).
But then we have to download the transactions from the contra account manually & use excel formulas to separate the sale /  payment gateway fees before we can upload them to be identified by the automation / matching feature. 

We would love to automate this entirely for our team & any customers managing their accounts themselves.

Our dev is having issues trying to resolve this. 


Any ideas how best to resolve this issue?





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The Support Team
Open Accounts

The Support Team
Open Accounts
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