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Another Shopify App Questionnaire ☹️

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Long time member of Shopify. I once had an online store selling iRobot robots and a love of Xero. Many years ago (2+ish), I wanted to build an Shopify to Xero integration. At that time, only two were around and they has many negative comments. I wanted to cater for those negative comments so I built a tiny demo to get a feel of how apps really worked. I left that project to work Full time as a software engineer. I'm back on this project.

My passion is design, customer support, UX and accounting... I love accounting therefore I had to make this Shopify to Xero Integration 😱. If you are happy with current apps, you should stick with them. If you're not happy for years or months, I invite you to a 2 mins questionnaire. Can you spare two mins of your time please?


Take Questionnaire


Who am I? I am this person.


Many thanks for reading.


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You really want to make a better title for your posts, currently it's too ambiguous

Also there is a accounting specific forum

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Thanks, Paul. I don't seem to have to option to rename/edit the title. Thanks for making the suggestion and included the correct link.

If there's a moderator that can move this post then I'd be very happy.
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