Attention all Shopify users: Tax report is inaccurate/incomplete - DON'T use Shopify tax report!!

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I just found out and Shopify has confirmed the default tax report cannot be trusted and used for tax reporting BECAUSE IT DOES NOT ACCOUNT AND INCLUDE REFUNDS!!!
I am actually shocked! This is unbelievable that they provide a report with the name "Taxes" and that report is inaccurate and incomplete.
I did a bit of research and there is a similar thread where that issue was reported back in 2014!!!! That is 7 years ago and apparently nothing was done about it.

I am wondering how many users and businesses have used Shopify's tax report and filed wrong taxes (overpaid taxes because returns/refunds are not considered).

There is no warning or notification of any kind/type that the Shopify tax report cannot be trusted, should not be used, because it is potentially incorrect (in case you had a refund during that period).

I am really wondering why Shopify is "ignorant" and reluctant to fix that issue. It should be an easy on to fix ...
I also wondering whether Shopify can be made liable when they provide knowingly wrong tax report information. They know about this issue - they have been made aware, but nothing was done (at least as far as I know).

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