Automated Collection instead of manual "Digital Goods VAT Tax" to "Charge VAT on digital goods"

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my shop in Italy (=Europe) is going to sell only digital goods.

I checked "Charge VAT on digital goods" but I get it applied only on manual collections: I should manually  add every product one by one to "Digital Goods VAT Tax" or another manual  collection.

But I have thousands of products!  I would need an automated collection: Is it possible? any suggestion?

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We have the same issue. We've been told a change request has been raised. We're looking at using Matrixify to help but this is expensive for what it is. 

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Hello @Rachel36 and @Vivida 

Renars here from Matrixify app.

Thank you for mentioning our app and sorry for such a late reply here.
You sure can use Matrixify to bulk assign products to the manual collections.
Here we also have a great tutorial on how you can bulk add and remove Products in Shopify Custom/Manual Collections.

The pricing of the app, in this case, depends on how many products and collections you would need to export/import at a time.
As per our tutorial, you would need to first create products and collections export. For the collections export selection, you can apply filter by Title to only export that one collection.
After the file is constructed as per the tutorial, you would only import and update one collection.

So the app price would really be only about how many Products you need to export. So if it's less than 5000 Products, you would need a Basic app subscription plan (20 USD).

I hope this makes sense, if you have any more questions or issues - let us know.

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