B2B VAT price calculation for EU international sales

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I really liked the introduction of the new Shopify B2B feature. However, it looks like there are still a lot of basic issues for sellers not based in the US. As I am located and sell in the EU, we have issues with correctly charging products minus VAT.


According to this post https://community.shopify.com/c/accounting-and-taxes/new-tax-configuration-for-eu-what-you-need-to-k..., we are supposed to use the customer exemptions feature to not charge VAT for international B2B sales within the EU, however when I do that I may have another problem. We are based in Germany, so when we sell to German companies with a valid VAT-ID, VAT is charged and also displayed in the checkout correctly (You have to pay 1€ with 0,16€ included) 
If I now switch to an Austrian company with a valid VAT ID, where I manually set up the customer as VAT exempt the price in the checkout is displayed without VAT. SO far so good. However, the price the customer has to pay does not change! (You have to pay 1€, no VAT is applied) This is not correct, as the customer would have to pay 1€ minus VAT.

So even the customer exemption feature is not the solution for B2B sales in the EU. What I would need is a dynamic pricing feature like the one that's already in place (https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/markets/pricing/dynamic-tax-inclusive-pricing) However instead of just looking where the customer is based, this would also have to look if the customer is B2B and then also deduct taxes in the checkout.

When can we expect a solution for a basic problem that even free shop system have supported for years?

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