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Baffling reporting discrepancy with "Tax Included" turned on

Shopify Partner
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Hi all — I’m baffled by how the sales report works for shops that have Tax Included turned on. Quick example or an order from a shop based in the UK.
  • Gross Sale of 49.99
  • Discount of 4.99
  • Tax (20%) of 7.5
The sales report spits out:
  • Gross Sale of 41.65
  • Discount of 4.15
  • Tax (20%) of 7.5
Shopify is doing some internal calculation to modify the gross and discount, which messes up my Net Sale calculation. Does anyone know how it comes up with 41.65 and 4.15 from 49.99 and 4.99? I couldn’t find any documentations on it. From the looks of it, Shopify is spreading out the included tax across the gross and discount. 
Any help on this would be much appreciated!
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