Bundles with taxable and non-taxable items

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We would like to provide a monthly subscription service to our customers where they can choose a selection of 5 items from a range of products for a fixed rate of $30.

The problem we face is that from the product range, there are items that are taxable and others non-taxable. For example:

  • Customer A may purchase a bundle for $30 that consists of 3 taxable items and 2 non-taxable items
  • Customer B may purchase a bundle for $30 that consists of 1 taxable item and 4 non-taxable items

We are yet to find a solution that can support calculating the correct tax at checkout dependent on the customers selections.

Any ideas?

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We have dealt with this issue through our bundling app. Basically Shopify calculates the tax depending on your settings so as long as prices are set correctly for products the taxes should be calculated correctly. What is the problem you are having now with bundles of non taxable and taxable items?



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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your reply. 

The main problem we face is that the 5 product build-a-box subscription is a static $30 however the items inside can be all taxable, all non-taxable or a combination of taxable & non-taxable. Checkout is unable to identify this and attribute the correct tax amount to each customers order based on their product selections. 

As this is also a subscription service, a customer may decide to change their products month-to-month which may affect the tax that they should be charged.