Can an app test VAT impact on conversion rates at checkout?

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Is there a app to split test whether adding VAT at checkout drops the conversion rate?

Quick example:

1 group: 50% of customers see the full price (including vat) on the product page

2 group: 50% of customers see a lower price and when they get to checkout the VAT will be added. 


The app should show the conversion rate of group 1 compared to group 2. 

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Hi BrunoJarvik, 


You don't need A/B testing unless you are looking for a behavioural, scientific result. If you are considering whether to have inclusive or exclusive pricing model for business purposes the answer is VERY simple 🙂 Whether it is price hike of 27% in case of Hungary or 19% for Germans, they will nearly all drop the cart and run out screaming and never return. 


We have well over 1.000 customer from around the world selling to VAT regions EU and UK using our solution, EAS Project. If you want to have a serious business selling to Europeans with VAT, pricing is ALWAYS inclusive. 


More on solution here:

EAS EU & UK Compliance app is a fully automated European VAT solution for Shopify.