Can i create LLC overseas?

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Hi I currently live in Seoul, Korea and i would like to start a dropshipping store with aliexpress.

I dont want to input my address as Korea since shopify does not support the payment gateways if i set it as South Korea. Therefore I want to set it as Singapore or some other country which shopify supports the payment gateway.

If i input my business address as another country, how do i set up an LLC?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi David!

Katy here from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out and congrats on your first post! ?

In terms of setting up  a LLC from overseas I'm sure some of our other forum users should be able to chime in with their own experiences here- particularly those familiar with this process in South Korea.

Though with regards to payment gateways, I just wanted to let you know some more details on this. 

If operating from Seoul, the common payment gateways used are 2Checkout or PayPal. 

However if you are planning to use Shopify Payments (our own payment gateway) you would need to have certain information in the country that you choose to operate from. Taking Singapore as an example, you would need to then have:

  • A physical address in Singapore
  • A bank with a physical location in Singapore (not via online banking tranafer for example)
  • To be selling in SGD

We have some more info on this here.  I hope this helps you out, and that you are able to find a payment gateway to suit your business needs.



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