Can I handle tax differently in my online store and at pos?

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I plan to add sales tax separately when customers purchase from my online store, but would like to include tax in the price of each item when selling at festivals, etc.  Virginia allows you to do this as long as you clearly indicate that sales tax is included in the price.  It will save me from having to carry around a lot of change for customers who want to pay cash and give in-person customers a small discount.

Is there a simple way to handle tax differently for the online store versus pos?

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Hi Kirk,

Nick here from Shopify!

Really good question. Taxes can be tough to tackle on the best of days.

To answer your question simply, yes you can. Here’s how: The Shopify POS app applies taxes based on the store location that you assign to your POS device. So let’s say you are selling in Virginia one week then North Carolina the next, you will need to add these different tax locations for the new POS position which you will be in with accordance to the tax laws of that state. I would strongly consider consulting with your local tax office to make sure you have the correct tax charges in place for each location you are looking to sell in. Shopify also has a helpful guide on setting up POS taxes as well as USA Taxes, which could be helpful to you here also.

Hope this helps.

All the best,


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