Can we sort payouts by reference number on my ecommerce site?

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When I view the details of a payout, it only lets me sort by date. Can a setting be added where I can sort by reference number, please? It's hard to know all the orders in a payout and get them all entered correctly when they're out of order.



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Hi, @RickySebastopol !

Thanks for reaching out and for providing us with this feedback. Can you elaborate on what reference number you're looking for specifically? With more information, I can submit this feedback to our development team.

Warm regards!

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Hello Oliver,

Thank you for responding. I mean the order number, here is a screen shot:


It would be lovely to be able to sort the list by order number, so I can enter all the orders related to a payout together. As it is I have to engage in a lot of rigmarole to figure it out.


Many thanks,


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Hi @RickySebastopol 

I am John from Report Pundit , a reporting and analytics app in the Shopify store.

Report Pundit has the option to sort the Payout report by Payout date, Order name, Payout ID, Order ID, and other fields. You can also sort by ascending or descending order.

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Some of the pre-created payout reports which you can try in Report Pundit are:

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Shopify Payment Transaction Export
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Our support team can set up any type of custom report unique to your store

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Hi There - you can do this with our free app called Report Toaster - Feel free to take a look and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!