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Charge all items flat fee tax

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I've had soooo many issues with Taxes that its a nightmare and I am baffled that one else has this issue. 


When a customer purchases an item and they live in Los Angeles County (where my store) they get charged the standard 10.25%. 
When another customer in san Bernardino purchases the same item they get charged tax at 7.75% and not 10.25%

HOW DO I CHANGE IT!! where I can charge where everyone that purchases anything from my site gets charged 10.25% for the product no matter what city, state, county, what color their car is, what kind of socks they like, I need to charge everyone 10.25%... lol? I find it so weird that they make it easier for us but in fact, it's more complicated to set up taxes. 

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This is a great question. Hopefully a response comes soon. I have the same question. 

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 Shopify is getting worst and worst where you either have to figure it out your self or pay someone off fiver to fix it or just move a different cart. 
I was able to kinda fix it by adding Product Overrides to all the states and all the categories (took me 1hr) horrible horrible!