Charge customers same amount regardless of whether VAT is due

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Based in the UK. I want to charge customers the same price wherever they are in the world. I'm VAT registered so on my previous non-Shopify store would go through orders each month to calculate VAT owed for UK and EU sales and pay that to HMRC.


My question is , how can I set this up in Shopify so prices aren't showing tax so if we are selling something for £20, that's what the customer pays regardless of them being in UK, EU or US?  


No posts about morals here please - it costs a lot more to ship to the USA and rest of world, so the difference between what customers would have paid is covering their shipping cost (we do free shipping on everything). Not making a penny out of it.

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Hello @dash99,

This is not difficult at all, the solution exist within the VAT solution  .  There is also the option to charge Duties/Tax at the shopping cart based on item, cost, destination, etc.  Let me know if you would like to discuss in further details.