Charging Tax based on product location - Selling Tickets for events

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Hello everyone,


We have a unique case where we sell tickets to events at our winery in advance. It has become quite popular and successful, however, we are running into a unique problem. We are a Texas based company, selling tickets to an event here. We recently had a customer out of state purchase ticket and they were charged their state's tax %. If we were sending them a physical product, I'd understand paying their local fees. However, they are coming to Texas for this event and we aren't sending them anything. 


1) Is there a setting I am unaware of that can allow us to made products (tickets) that factor in the products location?

2) My only other thought is that I uncheck "charge sales tax" on product creation, then add verbiage that price includes tax. However, I fear this might make an accounting nightmare, not having shopify display actual amounts charged as tax. 


Would love any help with solutions. 

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Hi @Kiepersol ,

There is a fix for this, what we did for our client whit a similar problem was this:

1. We created tags for products like VAT 19%, VAT 9%, etc.
2. We created auto collections with the condition to include all products with your desirable tag, so one collection for one tag ( eg. "Items with 19% VAT")
3. Go to SETTINGS > TAXES > TAX REGIONS (create them as needed) > Tax overrides (Customize here region-based tax rates for specific product collections or shipping rates when shipping to designated areas)

I hope this will help you!

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