Clarifying California-based business Sales Taxes for other US states & within California

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I have a two California-related Sales Tax questions.  I've been researching this online, but have yet to find a definitive answer... so, I'm wondering if someone may be able to help clarify, please.
Question #1 - Sales Tax for sales to other US states
As a California-based business (e-commerce store / seller), do I need to charge Sales Tax for sales to other US states?
Based on Reference #1 below, I believe that the answer is Yes for state, county and city taxes because of CA's origin-based sourcing rules for these taxes.
That is, 7.75% as I am based in San Diego County.
Is this understanding for Question #1 correct?
Question #2 - Sales Tax within California
Based on Reference #1 and Reference #2 below, I understand that for sales within California, I will need to charge destination-based district taxes - but only once my sales reach $500k/yr.
Is this understanding for Question #2 correct?

California uses a mixture of origin and destination sourcing rules. State, county and city taxes are based on the origin of the purchase (the seller), but district taxes and total tax rates are based on the destination (the buyer).



Reference #2)


If you are a California based seller, you do not pay the California customer’s district tax until your sales reach $500,000 in one year. Until that threshold, you pay the state sales tax rate + (sometimes) your district rate. See this CDTFA link about District Sales Tax:


Thank you kindly!

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