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Collecting Sales Tax from Other States - Help Please

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I am hoping someone here can help me. I am opening an online store for a retail business located in New Jersey (USA). We are trying to figure out for which states besides New Jersey we need to charge sales tax. As of now, all of our business will be located in New Jersey and we will be shipping to the US only.

From everything I have read, I need to charge sales tax in states where I have a nexus. New Jersey is obvious, but others are not. I have read multiple articles on collecting tax, and origin vs destination based taxes, and every article ends with “consult a tax professional.”

Our tax professional was unable to answer the question, so I figured I would ask here, as someone has had to have done this before, and hopefully can point me to more definitive literature, a tax professional that could help, or even an app that could help. I appreciate any insight that can be given. Thanks in advance for the help



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Hi @GrumpysJohn 

You might check out TaxJar.

There are other services like this out there as well. You can do a search for 'sales tax compliance service'.