Collecting sales tax through Printify?

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I hope I posted in the right discussion section! Apologies if not.

So I am currently building my store up. I myself live in UK and am planning on selling in US only at the beginning. I know that I myself don't need to collect any sales tax, since I have no nexus in US. I've been ticking "don't charge tax on this variant" on all my products on Shopify. But then I realized that Printify do need to charge tax in the states it has its fulfillment centers. 

So my question is: How do I set it up then? 

If I need to have all the boxes ticked as if to charge tax on all variants and it will happen automatically(The customers who will need to pay sales tax will be charged and the ones who don't - won't??) Or do I leave it as it is and the tax is being calculated through Printify?

If I need to tick all the boxes, then is there a way to do it for all the products and variants at the same time, or does it have to be done manually for each variant?


Thank you!

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