Colorado Retail Delivery Fee Zapiet Pickup Orders

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Shopify is applying the new Colorado Retail Delivery Fee of $.27 on some of our pickup orders but not all of them. This fee should not be collected on pickup orders and only collected on orders that we ship in Colorado. We are using Zapiet for our pickup app.   Does anyone know if this is a Shopify issue or Zapiet issue?  Any ideas where to start or recommendations?


Customers sure get grumpy about the extra $.27!



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I'm having the same issue! Haven't found a solution out there yet, other than possibly using the native pickup in Shopify (which is no good because of the limitations on which pickup location you can select based on the inventory availability in each location).


Ideally on our side there would be an option to turn off the fee altogether, as it's causing issues all over the place (we're willing to pay the .27 per CO order ourselves).


#1 - It has been implemented poorly and should be a line item, not included in the taxes.

#2 - If you try to refund an Unfulfilled order, you have to manually input the entire dollar amount to refund, because it tries to retain the .27 cents (but if the item never shipped then the fee shouldn't be kept).

#3 - Our POS integration is unable to recognize the fee on the refund whether it's manually refunded or not, because it's lumped into taxes on the sale, but then not lumped into taxes on refunds.

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Did you ever get a solution? We can turn it off, but haven't been able to find a solution to correctly charge it and Shopify doesn't seem to think they have it set up wrong.

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We are working on moving to the native Shopify pickup app and removing Zapiet.  It's hard to say who is doing it incorrectly.   One could argue that Zapiet needs to update to the Shopify store pickup api's instead of using a unique shipping method name that is not handled correctly by Shopify.