Complicated shipping profiles + export jewellery tax

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Hello - we are a business based mostly in India, but we have some suppliers shipping from the UK. We don't charge taxes, but we have quite complicated shipping requirements which include charging export duty on Jewellery exported from India, and we are struggling to get these settings right having just moved to Shopify, and need some support. 


For every purchase of jewellery outside of India, we need to charge £10 duty per order. 

We have set up shipping profiles for jewellery and non-jewellery items being shipped within India and outside of India, and then we have the exception brands in a separate shipping profile. 


Here is a list of the shipping requirements and scenarios:


Here are the shipping profiles set up with 'Automated Shipping Profiles' app. 

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 20.07.29.png


The problem is when the customer is outside of India and purchasing an item of jewellery under £75, we need to charge £10 duty but can't combine shipping profiles - so cant charge both £10 export duty and the flat £20 shipping. 

The 2nd problem is that for some reason our second customer has just been charged 9% India taxes on a non-jewellery order when we thought we weren't charging tax. 

There are a few things we haven't done yet - 

1. The shop location is currently UK as opposed to India.
2. We haven't added COO or HS codes to products

Would these help at all?


I think we really could do with an expert to spend a couple of hours finalising these settings. But any help/advice would be grateful. 

Many thanks


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How have you setup your shipping profiles?
I think you can solve this by properly setting up shipping zones in your shipping profiles.

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They are set up using a shipping app - Automate Shipping Profiles


Here are our profiles: 

Shipping for India
All products


The jewellery duty is causing the most trouble. Is there another way to do this outside of adding it as the 'handling fee' in the shipping profiles? 


Currently there can't be a crossover of shipping profiles, meaning if an order leaving India contains an item of jewellery costing less than £75, it needs to add £10 for jewellery tax and £20 shipping, but as these rules are from two different profiles we are not able to do this. And it wouldn't be an option to up the jewellery tax to £30 as if in a combined order of jewellery and non-jewellery items equalling under £75, their customer would be charged £50 (£30+£20 shipping).


Currently, the store location is set to the UK. in not sure if that impacts everything. 

We have not also added COO or HS codes but reading around this issue, would this help?


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Well I have been able to implement it using shipping zones. All of your requirements in the google sheet except one "Jewellery + Non-Jewellery, Under £75, Outside India – Fee: £30" are being fulfilled via that solution. 
For the above, instead of £30, fee will be £50.

If this is something you are okay with, DM me. We will try to implement the solution.