Consigned second hand goods and tax configuration

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I'm migrating from Odoo to Shopify but Odoo will be in charge of the inventory and invoices with the help of a connector.
Since we are a platform that sells consigned second hand goods, we have a special tax scheme that only applies tax to the commission we charge and not to the total amount of the product.
How should i configure tax in Shopify? 

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Hi @Talentadvisor 


Were you able to solve this issue? I run frontflip - a consignment platform that is 100% compatible with Shopify.


I help many other second hand consignment shops just like yours manage and run on their consignment, inventory, payouts and orders.


Feel free to reach out if you have any questions,



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Hi Menan,

I have been trying to get in touch with your team all week, and have sent numerous emails without a reply yet. Would it be possible for me to have a call with one of you guys please asap?

Kind regards

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Well if you are already going for an Odoo - Shopify Connector, the tax regulations can be set up onto Odoo by customizing it, and then funnel up data to exchange it with Shopify with the connector. A pre-built Odoo - Shopify connector won't be able to fulfill your current requirement for tax on commission, and Hence, you can consult a team of Odoo/Shopify experts for developing a custom connector.


Tax regulation rules can be set on Odoo and apart from that, you can have a look at one of the Custom-built Odoo - Shopify Connector with other OMS, WMS functions. Feel free to connect with me in the inbox if this interests you!