Correlate payout id with purpose from bank transfer

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We're getting payouts using Shopify Payments (apparently), and they arrive in the form of bank transfers. The creditor is Stripe Technology Europe Ltd (which is a bit confusing, since Shopify says Stripe isn't available in Germany). The amounts match, but, the purpose line looks like "MyShopName Shopify A1B2C3", i.e. three pairs of letters and digits. There is no further reference to any paid orders or anything; this six-letter code is the only ID we seem to get.

If I go to, the payouts, which otherwise do match (in amounts and dates) all have numeric IDs. If I go to /admin/api/2020-10/shopify_payments/payouts.json, I similarly only get those numeric IDs.

Are those different encodings of the same ID? Something like Base 58, maybe? Is there some way to get that same code using an API?


For now, it seems all I can do is correlate based on the date and amount and hope for the best, which, oof.

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