Cross country Promo Code and Point redemptions

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Dear gurus,


We run a multi-countries eCommerce with planned to introduce promo code, redemption points to improve engagement.

In the earlier plan, we need the codes and points awarded in one country can be use to redemptive in another country's portal.


E.g. i accumulated 100 pts when i purchase in US shopping site, the points can use to fully redeem in Taiwan's site for a mug.

I think technically, shopify has no issue with that, correct me if i am wrong. BUT it creates challenge in real world. Both US and Taiwan run different book, financially.

From the example above, US site gain with goods sold and points given out. For Taiwan, it just made a 100% lost of a mug, let say $5usd it cost. The "book" will never tally financially. Is there any eCommerce site run in multi countries and how they keep eCommerce and finance department work seamlessly? 


Thanks for the advise.




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