Crossborderit IOSS Shopify APP is available.

Crossborderit IOSS Shopify APP is available.

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Crossborderit charges €1 per shipment and $24 per month for access to our platform. ( + payment processing fees – depending on payment method)

To get you started with Crossborderit IOSS services, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Add the Crossborderit app on Shopify APP store: IOSS and Landed Cost Service | Shopify App Store

Step 2: Register/ complete the registration for IOSS service on our site;

Step 3: When completed both applications/ registrations, you will receive an invoice from Crossborderit with 3 months pre-payment for the IM number (IOSS number) application to the Swedish Tax Agency.

Step 4: When 3 months subscription payment has been paid, Crossborderit will apply for the IM number at the Swedish Tax Agency, where you are registered.( please allow 3-5 business days)

I’ve attached here a file that can help you sign up easily.

We will manage the rest from compliance and  reporting.

You will soon receive more information about our payment solutions and onboarding form for payment options.



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Hi, could you tell me what Shopify plan I would need to use the Crossborderit App? I’m currently on Squarespace but looking to move over to Shopify

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I'm on the basic/cheapest plan and I can install it.