Currency conversion at checkout completion

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Really not sure if this is in the right category or not, and had a quick look but didnt see this topic.

Im a seller in Australia, trying to reach a global mmarket, obviously my store currency is AUD, I'm running currency converters to make my customers lives easier, but shopify will only allow my customers to complete checkout in AUD.

So a shopper selects USD for example, they see products they like, add to cart, they go to cart page and all is good, then the next page which is checkout page, the price reverts to store currency, it does give currency indicator, but people dont look at these tiny details. So basically, they select a product at $22.94 (the USD price), then at checkout that price suddenly and without explanation becomes $29.95 (the AUD price). Naturally, customer gets spooked and the cart is abandoned.

My sales figures are roughly 9% add to cart, and 0.5% purchased... This policy of forcing prices into store currency at the last step IS costing me sales, yet no one in control of this feature seems to care at Shopify, I've had 2 chat sessions about it with Shopify team members, the person I'm speaking to agrees this is dumb, but the second person I spoke to about it, had no record of the first time I brought this issue up.


Why does no one seem to care? And why is it taking so long to fix such an obvious issue that absolutely needs immediate attention?


If you have had the same issue, please voice your concerns below.

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I'm in Canada.  I don't think the final checkout being forced to Canadian dollars hits my conversion rate very much - certainly not the 18:1 ratio you describe for Australia - but it is an issue for me.  Shopify's only solution seems to consist of telling us to tell our customers that final checkout will appear in (whatever currency).

What concerns me more is that there's no way to have the currency displayed unambiguously with the "buy button."  The "buy button" just says "$," that means Canadian dollars for me but customers will assume it means US dollars and think the price is higher than it really is, there is no way to edit or control this, it effectively means the "buy button" is of no use to me, and as far as I can tell Shopify has no interest in doing anything about it even though it would be an easy fix just just say what kind of dollars in the HTML.