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I am currently using Vend pos and Shopify for our online but I would like to fully switch to Shopify pos so theres no issues linking Vend to Shopify.


Can anyone please tell me the best reporting and inventory app or other software that I can view detailed profit reports from dates, Vendors, employees etc.... Also is able to publish inventory to shopify so I can track item movement history such as date created and adjustments.  I really need something solid.  I come from using Microsoft Rms where I can narrow down to a penny with there reports.




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We don't compete with inventory management software companies, however, we are unique in that we specialize in reporting for multi-channel sales marketplaces.  We integrate with Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, & BigCommerce.  Our software gives you detailed Order profit & profit margin reports.  You'll know exactly what your profit is from all of your sales channels combined.  You can choose any date or group of dates you want for a detailed report of your orders.  Best part is, it's free to try.  No credit card necessary.

Let us know if you have any questions along the way.  We are here to help!
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Hey there!

If you are using Vend & Shopify as well as a properly synced accounting system like QuickBooks Online or Xero, then it should be easy enough to get the reports you need. 

Get Webgility to sync all of your sales channels to your accounting software. Configure your sync to go sku to sku, so you have detailed sales information in your accounting software. Then you can customize "per item" and many other kinds of reports to get the information you need. QuickBooks Online is much stronger on reporting than Xero, especially when it comes to customizing reports like these. 

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For your reporting needs, you may want to check our app Better Reports.

It comes with reports about your sales per employee (user), per vendor, per POS location and a lot more.

There are more than 50 built-in reports and we can also build pretty much any custom report you can think of.

Feel free to reach out to me at to discuss.