Diferent VAT products rates in a collection

Diferent VAT products rates in a collection

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Hello good morning!

I don't understand how I can do the following:

In my store there are several drinks with different VAT rates, within the drinks collection how do I put several VAT rates in the same collection? Each article varies.

The same for the essential collection, there are several items that are essential but I would like to include them in other collections, I don't because they have VAT rates different from the correct collection.

In short, can I charge the VAT percentage to the item and not the collection?


Marco Mourão

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It is not possible to specify tax rates on a product-by-product basis, although you can create collections purely for tax purposes in order to achieve what you are looking for. 


For example, if you have three different tax rates across all of your products—let's say 5%, 7.5% and 10% as an example—you can create a collection to represent each tax rate and then place the products you have into the appropriate collection. You can then set a tax rate for each collection with a tax override.


When you create a tax override, you'll be able to select the collection you have created and set a tax rate to be applied to all products in that collection. You'll be able to set the override for the country, state, or region you are collecting sales tax in. In the screenshot below, for example, I am setting a 7.5% tax rate in the state of California for all products in the 7.5% collection:




Please bear in mind that you can make these collections unavailable on all of your sales channels, so customers will not be able to see them. They'll just exist for the purpose of the tax override.




Placing your products in these collections will also not affect the other collections they may be in; products can be placed in numerous collections at once.

Victor | Social Care @ Shopify 
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